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EFT Global’s website has been a long time coming and we are so excited you are here! First, we want to thank those who generously contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. With your help and our technical partners who agreed to a deferred payment plan, we were able to get the momentum we needed to design, develop and bring to fruition. Our goal was to create an innovative site that offers something to all visitors/users. We hope that you agree we’ve accomplished our goal.


EFT Global would not exist if not for the vision of Dawson Church, Ph.D. and owner of For years, Dawson dreamt of starting an EFT based humanitarian organization to assist those impacted by natural- and human-caused disasters. Drawing upon his vast wisdom and network, in 2011, he put together a perfect team to help realize this dream: Diane von der Weid (Switzerland), David MacKay (Mexico) and Carrie McCabe (USA). We all bring very different skills, experiences and perspectives which we believe have only helped to strengthen Dawson’s original vision. We are thrilled that in the last six months, EFT Master, Rehana Webster has also joined our team bringing with her an innovative apporach she developed, the Trauma Buster Technique (TBT). TBT is an extension of EFT combined with NLP and has proven to be a powerful method for changing internal experiences, particularly among trauma sufferers.

EFT Global is dedicated to bringing the enormous benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to assist and empower three primary populations:

  1. Those affected by natural and human-caused disasters,
  2. Those living among weakened social and political systems, and
  3. Other humanitarian workers who are experiencing primary or secondary trauma as the result of helping others on a day-to-day basis

In keeping with Dawson’s original vision, one of EFT Global’s longer-term goals is to proactively avert human-caused disasters in collaboration with other trauma experts, humanitarian organizations and local people/groups in an effort to create and promote global peace. To work towards this lofty goal, we are committed to serving the populations outlined above as well as becoming a network and digital hub for those actively teaching, practicing and learning EFT.

EFT Global also aspires to do its part to ensure EFT becomes widely known across the globe to alleviate disharmony and distress in people’s lives, both large and small. As such, EFT Global is meant to be a global website, a place for you, me, and everyone interested in learning, sharing and using EFT to heal ourselves and others. Please join in by:

  • Taking part in the EFT Global Community, EFTConnect
  • Sharing your experience and expertise with one other
  • Contributing to EFTConnct
  • Collaborating/Partnering with EFT Global
  • Volunteering for EFT Global
  • Spreading the word about EFT Global
  • Donating to EFT Global and other EFT humanitarian based projects in support of our joint community across the world!

EFT Global will accomplish its goals with your help. Again, thank you for your active involvement and ongoing support. Together, we can and we will positively impact the lives of others and contribute to healing the world.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season,

Carrie McCabe                            Diane von der Weid                           David MacKay

EFT Global President                 EFT Global Vice President                EFT Global Vice President

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