Rehana Webster, EFT Master, has been invited to provide TBT (Trauma Buster Technique) Training by the authorities who manage a Women’s Shelter in Sukkur, Pakistan. She will spend the month of May in Pakistan working in several rural cities.


At the Women’s Shelter, Rehana will teach TBT as well as establish groups and a schedule for the women to do daily tapping as a means to manage their own emotional well being. Going forward, Rehana will monitor and get feedback from the group leaders on a regular basis.

The women living in the shelter have been labeled “kari” for allegedly having extramarital relations. The families of these women have the right to honor kill them as a result. The shelter is the only protection they have. In fact, many have perished who have chosen to leave the confines of the shelter. For example, a woman named Nusrat and her daughter were recently murdered by family members because she left the protection of the shelter (Nusrat is pictured). Since these women are poor, uneducated, unskilled and without legal aid, they have no means of earning money and, even if they could, cannot leave the shelter for fear of death.

Many of the children and women living in the shelter are suffering from malnourishment. And, unfortunately, many will remain in the shelter for years. As a result, in addition to teaching TBT and with the agreement of the shelter management, Rehana will also be leading a gardening project to give each woman the opportunity to grow their own herbs and greens enabling them to supplement their impoverished food supplies. She will purchase the essential materials, seeds, seedlings, mulch and the like which will be used by the shelter women to plant and tend a small patch of their own. Further, Rehana will also purchase laying hens and materials for chicken coops for the women to manage. Not only will these projects help feed the shelter women and their children but it will also give them something productive to do and a sense of empowerment.

To support travel expenses and the purchase of gardening and chicken coop materials, we are currently raising donations. To donate today, please go to All donations, small or large are very much appreciated to help improve these women and children’s lives.

*For additional history on efforts made to assist these women and children, please see the article entitled: Dar-Ul-Aman Sukkur Reality and Needs written by the Sub Divisional Social Welfare Committee in Sukkur

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