Assistance for Populations Impacted by Weakened Social and Political Structures

A weakening or total collapse of common social and political structures is often experienced by local populations as a progression of vulnerability to emotional and physical distress. This can manifest in a variety of ways:  fear, overwhelm, apathy, numbness, insecurity, shock, anger, rage, sadness, helplessness, isolation, hypervigilance and/or hopelessness as well as ongoing anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, racing thoughts, tightness in one’s stomach, elevated heart rate, headaches, etc. All of these emotional and physical symptoms can usually be rapidly reduced or cleared  through proper application of specific EFT techniques.

EFT Global offers services to facilitate recovery of individuals experiencing increased vulnerability to emotional and physical distress as a result of weakened social and political structures through application of EFT techniques and by empowering them to learn and apply simple self-help EFT techniques.

We Provide Community Support Services By:

  • Training professionals in local associations, schools, social welfare agencies, and NGOs working with people affected by trauma.
  •  Sending EFT Global volunteer teams led and/or supervised by EFT experts to work with affected individuals/groups.

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