Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, October 2011: The first project for EFT Global was to plant the seed of EFT in this troubled city that borders on Texas where people live in constant fear. For many it is hard to imagine what it means to live in a zone where violence reigns and its power exceeds the possibilities of law and order, but for people here that is their daily reality. The project was be headed up by EFT Practitioner, David MacKay from Puebla, accompanied by Carolina Tellez from Guadalajara and Jenny Pavisic from Mexico City. They spent 5 days training 34 psychologists and social workers from the DIF (Integral Family Development, an official organization dedicated to the implementation of public policy regarding social welfare), as well as the health and education sectors and community volunteers. Read more about this project here.

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, November 2011: As a follow-on project to the first, we worked with the local Catholic Church to augment their efforts to help those suffering from the violence, by training a representative from each parish, who would then undertake to transmit this knowledge to interested volunteers in their parish. Again this project was headed by David MacKay, accompanied by Carolina Tellez and volunteers from the DIF, including Maria Esther Fuentes and Eleazar Montalvo. This was a 3-day training with 43 participants, and 31 of these plus 11 from the first project returned for 2-day advanced training in February 2012.

Pakistan, September 2012: EFT Global is colaborating with EFT Master Rehana Webster on a project in Pakistan to teach EFT and her EFT-based Trauma Buster Technique. Rehana will be in Pakistan for the full month of September teaching to the Psychology Department of Karachi University, and in colaboration with Sahil (a local organization focused on child protection) in the cities of Islamabad and Lahore. Your contributions to this on-going project will be most appreciated, making it possible to extend more help to this strife-torn part of the globe.