The first project for EFT Global was to plant the seed of EFT in this troubled city that borders on Texas where people live in constant fear. For many it is hard to imagine what it means to live in a zone where violence reigns and its power exceeds the possibilities of law and order, but for people here that is their daily reality. The project was be headed up by EFT Practitioner, David MacKay from Puebla, accompanied by Carolina Tellez from Guadalajara and Jenny Pavisic from Mexico City. They spent 5 days training psychologists and social workers from the DIF (Integral Family Development, an official organization dedicated to the implementation of public policy regarding social welfare), as well as the health and education sectors and community volunteers. There were 34 participants in all, although we had sought to limit the group to 30 to be able to take care of the emotional needs that could be expected to surface during the training.

Local organization was done by Maria Esther Fuentes, a psychologist who had previously studied EFT and headed a team of psychologists at a government agency. This team had its hands full attending to victims of the violence, and sorely needed a tool like EFT to efficiently deal with the overwhelming tragedy they confronted every day, as well as its impact on themselves. She had quite a time working this project into the political agenda and her report may be helpful to those looking to do the same.

The first 3 days (24 hours of instruction) were used to teach standard basic training in EFT (Levels 1 and 2) and the last 2 days focused on the application of EFT for treating trauma. That was our basic plan but, right off the bat during the morning of the first day, the first demo which would normally be a routine issue for didactic purposes, turned out to be a crisis intervention. One of the DIF’s psychologists was suffering from posttraumatic stress caused by the disappearance 2 weeks earlier of an adolescent family member. She had slept very little since the event, as she would spend most of each night watching the street outside her window for suspicious activity. Twice she had fled in the dead of night in her car thinking that evil-doers were meaning to enter her house, probably exposing her family to greater danger.

With about 20 minutes tapping in front of the group she calmed visibly. The next day she reported having slept peacefully for the first time in weeks and she was able to assist other family members similarly affected. After completing the workshop she wrote, “Today, thanks to you David, Jenny, Caro and EFT, I can breathe without pain, I have recovered my peace and taste for life because I know that in spite of the circumstances and the absence/loss of [name omitted], I can live, I deserve to live and enjoy life fully. EFT awakened me and my connection to the world, I am able to feel again, but above all I can work, eat, sleep and enjoy my son, without any more fear than that which is required to protect me and my family. Today I feel very differently from the day I started the course, a course which has given me the peace I needed. And from today I promise to take EFT to the many people who need it, with the desire to draw from so much pain an opportunity that you and EFT have given me”.

Some people had come to the course rather reluctantly. One woman wrote: “I arrived with total distrust regarding this technique and as the days passed, the work with specific situations changed my opinion. The first things I noticed were changes in my breathing, my sight and changes in my temperature. I think this can become a basic tool during pregnancy, because my discomfort practically disappeared, and even with my initial distrust I can say thank you to EFT”.

With this being a fairly long training, and free for the participants, one might expect a significant number of dropouts; instead their commitment and enthusiasm grew with each passing day, and everyone completed the course with new hope to be agents for change in their troubled city. They were especially impressed with the phenomenon of Borrowing Benefits, because to heal one-by-one all the inhabitants of a city would be impossible. They felt in themselves the emotional healing that occurs when simply accompanying others in their tapping. One of them exclaimed on the final day: [We need to] “create an EFT epidemic.” Another commented: “My life has been colored by hope!” Another: “EFT is something as important and as simple as the smiling reply from God to our questioning when faced with a raw and cruel reality that has wounded us.”

There were various nuns in the course, and one said: “Speaking from the life experience of a people who coexist daily with danger, with the pain born of impotence, as a church we have committed to accompanying our brothers so they don’t become perpetrators and that we may be bearers of good tidings. And this week we have received the good tidings of EFT, a tool we have tested on ourselves and found to be valuable and effective. These are tools of the future; this has opened new perspectives and by the grace of God we will continue.” And they have, as can be seen in the report on the next project.

The experience gained in this project has provided guidelines for future EFT Global projects in other parts of the world. We noted for example that the 5-day format was a bit long for many of the participants to fit into their schedule; the following 3-day training for 43 participants taught in the Cathedral of Nuevo Laredo was more practical. On this occasion we tailored the usual Level 1 and 2 courses to put more emphasis on working the trauma. We also observed how extra important it is in this context to have emotional helpers available to follow up with the demonstration subjects and provide support during practice sessions where abreactions may occur. At a follow-up meeting with the DIF staff members it was abundantly evident that the seeds we sowed are bearing fruit and the benefits of EFT are multiplying.