Do you want to make a difference in the world? Consider joining EFT Global and/or supporting our ongoing projects. We need and value your ongoing support of EFT Global’s mission.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, EFT Global is assisting those impacted by natural disasters, human-caused disasters or weakened social and political structures as well as other humanitarian aid workers tirelessly working to assist others.

Our supporters have become part of a growing network across the world who have personally experienced the amazing benefits of EFT and/or donate their expertise, products and financial resources to support EFT Global’s humanitarian efforts. We thank them for their gifts; and we feel very privileged to put their generosity and compassion into action.

Financial Donations

Online–Rest assured that your online donations are secure. You may donate using a number of credit cards or directly to EFT Global’s paypal account.

How Your Donations Are Working to Help Others:

To date, your donations have helped design our logo and create our website, packed with social media and e-learning tools. Future donations will go toward funding EFT Global projects including volunteers’ travel expenses. As we build momentum, donations will also help us build additional infrastructure enabling us to handle a greater number of concurrent projects.


EFT Global mobilizes the power of highly skilled EFT Practitioners to prevent and alleviate human pain and suffering in the face of weakened social and political structures, human-caused disasters and/or natural disasters. EFT Global could have just the opportunity you’re looking for—from leading or being part of a team of EFT Practitioners to designing materials and facilitating EFT Global Certification training.

EFT Global volunteers come together through service and the feeling that in changing others’ lives, their lives are also changed.

Ready to Volunteer? Get Started Now by completing this short Volunteer Questionnaire and an EFT Global Team member will Follow Up with You.

EFT Global is its Volunteers

Volunteers currently constitute 100% of EFT Global. Without volunteers, EFT Global would not exist! Please consider joining our premier team.

Volunteer Questionnaire

Help Spread the Word About EFT Global

Have you experienced the enormous benefits of EFT, know someone who has or could benefit? Help us spread the word: Invite them to get involved, engage in a forum discussion, start a blog, actively participate in EFT Global, become part of our research advisory team, volunteer, donate!

Share EFT Global with others so  the world knows we are committed to respectfully offering neutral, apolitical, non-religious EFT services to individuals and populations impacted by natural and human-caused disasters and weakened social and political structures. Help us make EFT Global the place to connect with others and positively impact the lives of those we serve.

Nonprofit Organizations/Community Leaders/Humanitarian Workers–Partner with Us!

Partnering with community leaders, other humanitarian workers or nonprofit organizations is key to our success. We can’t do it alone. Those living with weakened social and political systems or those impacted by human-caused or natural disasters have multiple needs, so partnering is essential.

Want to partner with EFT Global? Contact us!

Researchers–Join our Research Advisory Board

The role of the research advisory board is to provide expertise in the development of a standard protocol for measuring project effectiveness as well as efficacy over time, co-author and/or approve articles submitted for publication, etc. We would like to have researchers representing all regions of the world and at least one researcher with expertise in Social Return on Investment. Interested? Contact us!