EFT Global brings the enormous benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to assist an empower individuals and local populations by providing state of the art EFT training, education and holistic assistance in the following areas:

Natural and Human-Caused Disasters–While the application of EFT following a disaster must be calibrated to the unique cultures, needs and constraints of the individuals being treated as well as appropriately timed to provide maximum assistance, if properly applied, reports from the field show a pattern of strong outcomes following the use of EFT immediately after disasters as well as longer-term in the subsequent treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During the early stages of a disaster, EFT has been enormously helpful in rebuilding trust, hope, and connection while dramatically reducing and even completely resolving traumatic symptoms.

Support for Communities with Weakened Social and Political Structures (Community Support)–Providing support to those living amidst weakened social and political structures is critical because the lack of clear rules, order and structure and the chaos and violence that often follows can cause great emotional distress and trauma. Long-term, post-traumatic stress disorder can result if assistance is not provided in a timely fashion and/or in those individuals who have other incidents of unresolved trauma in their past.

Humanitarian Workers of Other Non-Profits–Humanitarian workers, particularly those working in difficult field conditions, are often exposed to both primary and secondary trauma, which, of course, has implications for humanitarian workers’ well being. Although research studies are inconsistent regarding methods and outcomes documenting trauma-related issues among humanitarian workers, it appears that they experience elevated trauma rates and suffer from more post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety as compared with the general population (Connorton, et al., 2011).  As such, much more support for humanitarian workers in the field is needed.

Longer term EFT Global is also committed to becoming a hub for innovative EFT applications and resources to help proactively create and promote global healing and peace.

To accomplish our mission, EFT Global must partner with other individuals and organizations. Here are some potential ways we partner with others:

  • In responding to natural and/or human-caused disasters
  • In helping to alleviate emotional suffering and trauma associated with living amidst weakened social and political structures
  • Working with other humanitarian organizations to assist in alleviating the emotional suffering and trauma experienced by their employees
  • Joint fund raising efforts
  • Sharing best practices in the treatment of trauma

If you are interested in partnering with EFT Global, please contact us.

References:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Humanitarian Relief Workers and Trauma-Related Mental Illness, Connorton, Perry, Hemenway, and Miller, December 15, 2011