Rehana Webster is embarking on another humanitarian trip to Pakistan for the month of October, 2013. You may recall she has made a couple of trips there to offer the Trauma Buster Technique (TBT) to millions of people suffering from the effects of war and turmoil.

Rehana has been invited to provide TBT practitioner training in the province of Chitral in the Himalaya mountain region. This is an isolated, rural and poor area close to Afghanstan where the war is raging. The small town of Garam Chashma (Hot Pool) has asked for the training and 20 people have been selected to participate in this 5 day workshop.

People in this region are suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. The suicide rate amongst the youth is the highest in Pakistan and there is a tragedy occurring on a weekly basis with 99% of the victims being women. TBT, an offshoot of EFT and NLP, targets and eliminates specific trauma and help the local people immensely to deal with their emotional problems.

Rehana’s travel to and from Pakistan has been made possible from a generous donor. However, she still needs to raise enough funds to cover the costs of traveling within the country, accommodations and daily living expenses. Any donation, small or large, is most appreciated. Please donate directly at:

Target Amount to be Raised:  $2,500

  • National Travel–$500
  • Accommodations $1,500
  • Supplies/Interpreter/Training Materials/Misc.  $500