Rehana Webster is embarking on another humanitarian trip to Pakistan for the month of October, 2013. You may recall she has made a couple of trips there to offer the Trauma Buster Technique (TBT) to millions of people suffering from the effects of war and turmoil. Rehana has been invited to provide TBT practitioner training in the province of Chitral in the Himalaya mountain region. This is an isolated, rural and poor area close to Afghanstan where the war is raging. The small... MORE >>
Help us finance the ongoing maintenance of EFT Global's website, annual domain name premium and ongoing technical support through the end of 2014. Closing Date:  August 31, 2014 Target Amount to be Raised:  $4,000 Website Maintenance $1,000 Ongoing Technical Support through 2014 $1,750 Web Hosting through end of 2014 $700 Domain Name Registration/Site Photos/Misc.... MORE >>