Vision: To ‘Tap the World’ contributing to world peace


EFT Global responds to global invitations to assist local populations and other humanitarian workers by providing state of the art EFT training, education and holistic assistance to quickly resolve emotional suffering from trauma related to natural disasters, human-caused disasters, living amidst weakened social and political structures, and/or helping to heal others’ emotional pain and suffering.

EFT Global proactively looks for opportunities to co-create community-based training and on the ground services needed in a disaster or breakdown of the social and political order, and to avert human-caused disasters, in collaboration with other trauma experts, humanitarian organizations and local people/groups for the ultimate benefit of those we serve.

EFT Global volunteers are rigorously screened and trained in all areas associated with working in a traumatic, disaster or chaotic situation to insure they are “on the ground ready” and can withstand the stress of difficult field conditions while adhering to the highest ethical standards and elite standard of care practices.


  • EFT Global recognizes and honors the resourcefulness of all people, cultures and traditions to manage and recover from disasters, chaotic situations, and chronically difficult working conditions and respectfully offers neutral, apolitical, non-religious EFT services which have been extremely effective cross-culturally in rapidly healing emotional trauma .
  • Persons trained in EFT are inspired to give back as a result of the profound impact EFT has had on their own personal and professional lives.
  • EFT Global Volunteers demonstrate a deep understanding of and sensitivity to the cultures, beliefs and traditions of the people they are serving, and offer service to individuals and populations regardless of their religion, race, and political or social ideology.
  • EFT Global Volunteers embrace the concept that their role is to inspire and empower people and that all human beings can learn and use EFT to heal themselves from negative emotions.