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Every day, all around the world, men, women and children are victims of natural or human caused disasters, reside in an area of the world where social and political structures are weakened and work in dangerous or stressful environments while serving others. As a consequence many will experience serious emotional distress and trauma related symptoms. Until recently people often had to live with these symptoms with few effective treatment options available to them. But not anymore!

EFT Global is dedicated to bringing the enormous benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to assist and empower local populations affected by natural and human-caused disasters, weakened social and political systems as well as other humanitarian workers by providing state of the art EFT training, education and holistic assistance to quickly resolve emotional suffering and trauma.

While the application of EFT following a disaster must be calibrated to the unique cultures, needs and constraints of the individuals being treated as well as appropriately timed to provide maximum assistance, if properly applied, reports from the field show a pattern of strong outcomes following the use of EFT immediately after disasters as well as longer term in the subsequent treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During the early stages of a disaster, EFT has been enormously helpful in rebuilding trust, hope and connection while dramatically reducing and even completely resolving traumatic symptoms.

EFT can be used to dramatically alleviate and even completely resolve a wide range of emotional, physical and psychological issues. It has been used effectively in Rwanda with child and teenage victims of the 1990’s Genocide and Rape, with Iraq Vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and with child cancer sufferers in oncology wards in Mexico, to name just a few. EFT is also extremely scalable making it very well suited to large disaster situations, especially when being taught by experienced EFT Practitioners who can ensure the technique is being applied effectively and efficiently.

EFT Global proactively looks for opportunities to co-create community-based training and on the ground services needed in a disaster or breakdown of the social order and to avert human-caused disasters in collaboration with other trauma experts, humanitarian organizations and local people/groups for the ultimate benefit of those we serve.

Once learned, EFT can be used effectively as a self help tool. It is our goal to ensure EFT becomes widely known across the globe to alleviate disharmony and distress in people’s lives, both large and small. As such, EFT Global is meant to be a global website, a place for you and me, a place where we can all learn and share in the great work EFT Global is doing across the globe, a place to learn from one another and a place to contribute and build the EFT Global community with others who are committed to using, sharing and healing from EFT!  Please join in by:

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